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Do you need help with a legal issue, but can`t afford to pay for a lawyer? We have your answer! ABA Free Legal Answers is a website where you can submit your questions on civil (non-criminal) legal issues and get answers from pro bono lawyers in your state. Legal questions are asked online – all you need is an internet connection. Volunteer lawyers are able to answer your questions outside of normal business hours – you don`t need to visit a clinic or legal advice centre. In addition to acting as an external advisor to other executive bodies, the Office of the Legal Counsel plays a special role within the ministry itself. It reviews all orders proposed by the Attorney General and regulations requiring the consent of the Attorney General. It also performs various special duties recommended by the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General. Read the news about ABA Free Legal Answers, which gives revenue users the opportunity to ask civil law questions to pro bono lawyers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you have access to your file and your lawyer. You will be regularly informed of your individual case and the progress of the dispute. Tom is a General Agent of the Board of Trustees and the University and acts as legal counsel to the University`s Board of Trustees, the President and other administrative officials. For more information on the right to a lawyer, check out this Harvard Law Review article, this University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review article, and this William & Mary Law Review article. The American Immigration Lawyers Association has a «Find an Immigration Lawyer» page that can help you find an immigration lawyer. AILA`s Immigration Lawyer Referral Service does not provide legal advice.

The service will only refer you to a lawyer who specializes in your area of need in your geographic area. The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) funds local legal aid services for people in financial need and maintains a list of contacts on its website. In a podcast «To The Extent That,» Judge Stong interviews Buck Lewis about the ABA Free Legal Answers project. The Office of Administrative Judges does not appoint representatives, refer parties to representatives or provide legal assistance. 29 C.F.R. § 18.17. So, if you want to use legal services, you will have to hire a lawyer or a non-lawyer yourself. Although legal representation is not required to assert your claim before the AJO, it is recommended that you consult a lawyer because of the potential complexity of the legal issues that often arise in cases decided by the AJO. Many law schools and non-profit organizations have legal aid clinics that offer free or low-cost legal assistance. Many of them have websites or pages on a law school website. However, most of these clinics focus on specific topics and may not have specific expertise regarding DOL decisions.

The ABA Standing Committee on Volunteerism and the Public Service recognizes individual lawyers, law firms, corporate law departments and other legal groups who have provided outstanding pro bono services through ABA Free Legal Answers. In Moran v. Burbine, 475 USA 412, 431 (1986), the court noted that «a defendant`s right to a lawyer was not violated when the police obtained waivers from Miranda and interrogated him without informing the defendant that the police had been contacted by a lawyer who had been hired by his sister without his knowledge.» Moran increased his stake in Gouveia by stating that «the first formal indictment is the time when the right to a lawyer under the Sixth Amendment initially applies.» Later in its decision, the Moran court used more open language, noting that the Sixth Amendment «only becomes applicable when the role of government shifts from investigation to indictment. Because only then is the help of a person experienced in the «subtleties». of the law» is necessary to ensure that the prosecutor`s case meets the crucible of significant contradictory tests. The Office of the Legal Counsel is not authorized to provide legal advice to individuals. On this page you will find some options to find a legal representative. This is not a complete list of available options. In addition, suggestions and links on this site are provided for informational purposes only. The Ministry of Labour does not endorse or guarantee the performance of any particular organization, lawyer, lay representative or law firm.

The Office of the Legal Counsel (OCOL) is responsible for providing a wide range of legal services to all agencies of the Department. The Agency has four main areas of competence. Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal advice clinic. Authorized users post their civil law question on their state`s website. Lawyers provide basic legal information and advice without expecting long-term representation. The website improves access to advice and information on non-criminal issues for those who cannot afford a lawyer. There is no fee for using the system or for advice and information provided by the lawyer. Your donation allows low-income citizens to get answers to their legal questions from licensed volunteer volunteer lawyers in their state ABA Free Legal Answers gratefully acknowledges the vital partnership with Baker Donelson and its support. The firm`s generous contributions include strategic leadership, web development and technology services, annual financial contributions, and pro bono counsel who provide clients with brief legal advice from the outset.

Thank you for improving access to legal services across the country. In delegation of the Attorney General, the Deputy Prosecutor General in charge of the Office of the Legal Adviser advises the President and all executive agencies. The Office prepares the legal opinions of the Attorney-General and provides its own written statements and other advice in response to requests from the President`s Adviser, the various executive bodies and other components of the Ministry of Justice. These requests generally relate to legal issues of particular complexity and importance or those on which two or more organizations disagree. The Office is also responsible for reviewing and commenting on the constitutionality of outstanding legislation. The right to an effective lawyer usually implies that the lawyer eagerly defends the accused.