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Omar Mateen, the gunman responsible for the deaths of 49 people with his Sig Sauer MCX, legally purchased the gun in Port St. Lucie, Florida, from a gun store near his home. He also legally purchased a Glock 17 handgun the next day, which he also carried during the attack. I love it too, to be honest. I just don`t want to get into legal trouble if I tried to buy one. Firearms that are legal in the state of New Jersey, according to the information we have. It is IMPORTANT that you check with your local dealer first to verify and validate this information if the laws change, and this is neither legal guidance nor legal advice. This is not a complete legal list of the state, but there are many exceptions that we are aware of. New Jersey has a variety of restrictions on rifles, pistols, and firearms that are compliant or legal to purchase and possess. If you live in New Jersey, this page will help you choose rifles, pistols, and firearms from Dark Storm Industries.

Well, it is not stamped like another, it is transferred like another. I think it would be legal at this point. But damn, I love the braces that come with it. It doesn`t appear that New Jersey laws helped in this regard: Mateen bought his MCX assault rifle in Florida on June 4. The next day, he legally purchased a Glock 17 handgun, which he took with him during the attack. Must be related to the other guy who thought hexmags were illegal. [emoji37] Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk One of the weapons used by Mateen is technically illegal under the 1991 assault weapons ban in New Jersey. But it`s still on sale here. TRENTON — Would New Jersey`s strict gun laws have prevented the shooter of the nation`s worst mass murder in Orlando, Florida, from buying the guns used in the attack? Former Gov.

Jim Florio, who signed the state`s assault weapons ban a quarter-century ago despite fierce opposition from the National Rifle Association, said he had no illusions about gun proliferation in the state and nation. Our non-NFA firearms and fixed mag pistols are currently the two most popular configurations in New Jersey. «Everything he had was banned in New Jersey,» Nappen said. «I`m always amused when people say New Jersey has the strictest gun laws in the country,» Florio said. «The bar is so low. It`s like saying you`re the tallest building in Omaha. However, a New Jersey version of the MCX is available at nearly every gun store that sells Sig Sauer guns, which most of them are. I want to know how many gun owners in New Jersey have been arrested by overzealous cops who didn`t know a brake from a comp from a flash hideout.

A 2004 study examining the U.S.-commissioned assault weapons ban. The Justice Department noted that high-capacity magazines result in more deaths for each weapon and not specifically for assault weapons. New Jersey`s assault weapons ban wouldn`t ban killer`s gun In comparison, New Jersey law limits the size of the magazine to no more than 15 rounds of ammunition. But there are aspects of the New Jersey ban that may have made a difference in the death toll in Florida. For example, it`s unclear if Mateen bent the butt of his MCX rifle to help hide it in the Pulse nightclub. Gov. Chris Christie resisted efforts to further reduce the size of magazines to 10, arguing that such a ban is «completely arbitrary» and that it is not enough to «pretend that a capacity of ten rounds could save an eleventh victim.» My God, I was going to say that, I`m going back to bed. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms confirmed Wednesday that Maten`s magazines contained 30 rounds of ammunition. The Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol he also carried contained a 17-round magazine, Nappen noted. New Jersey allows the following configurations: Post Ban, Non-NFA, and Fixed Magazine. To bring the MCX into compliance with New Jersey law, a gun dealer simply removes his muffler, limits its magazine capacity from 30 rounds to 15 rounds, and locks the stock to prevent it from collapsing.

«The Newtown shooter had smaller clips and decided to leave them at home,» said Rev. Bob Moore, director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace, which oversees the ceasefire in New Jersey. «Instead, he took magazines with great capacity because he wanted to photograph a lot of people.» In this regard, Gannalo says that more people may have died because Florida did not have a ban on New Jersey-style assault weapons. New Jersey`s ban on «large capacity» chargers still allows 15 turns if it is described/marketed as a brake by the manufacturer, it is a brake. The MPX rifle should be NJ Legal. Just put on the shaft, get the 16″ (14.5″ gun and pinned brakes) and get 10 shots of Mags and you`re good to go. New Jersey`s status as «may issue firearms licenses» However, New Jersey almost never allows secret port permits, such as those obtained by Mateen as a licensed security guard for a security firm in charge of the Department of Homeland Security. Probably the same number that was stopped for having 16+ round mags. Christopher Koper, author of the 2004 study commissioned by the Department of Justice, told NJ Advance Media that it is higher-capacity magazines that correlate with more victims in mass shootings.

«People who have no knowledge of ballistics make this argument,» said Alexander Roubian, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. «It`s like asking if you`d rather be run over by a Ford Mustang than the Toyota Corolla. It is no different; You will be killed in one way or another. But whether bans on high-capacity magazines are effective in reducing gun crime can also be the subject of ill-targeted legislation: in many states, they apply to the manufacture, but not to the possession or sale of the devices. Gun rights activists in New Jersey oppose the idea for the same reasons. The study found that during the 10 years that the federal assault weapons ban was in effect, gun assault crimes declined, but were «offset at least in the late 1990s by the continued or increasing use of other weapons equipped with wide-body magazines.» Nappen said the AR-15 rifle used by Mateen is «the most popular rifle in the United States» with an estimated 6 million to 10 million in circulation. To be considered an «assault weapon» under New Jersey`s prohibition, a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine must have only two of the following: a folding or telescopic stock; a pistol grip; a bayonet mount; a lightning suppressor; and a grenade launcher. «New Jersey is a `May Problem` state,» Roubian said.

«But it`s a de facto ban. No one gets a transport permit here. But the main question was that if I put the MCX rod in the lower «other» part with a barrel holder, then it becomes an SBR or AOW? Gun control advocates say New Jersey`s ban on high-capacity magazines may at least have resulted in fewer casualties in Orlando. «It`s a very quiet weapon. It would certainly be possible that people didn`t know that shots are being fired,» he said. «Until you started seeing people falling, I guess you`d probably keep dancing.» At the Garden State, you can only buy one handgun every 30 days, but you can buy as many long guns as you want, as often as you like. I am looking for a Sig MPX for USPSA. I want to get the rifle variant, but the rifle variant has a «muzzle brake» I know it`s a muzzle brake, but does NJ consider it a muzzle brake or a scary lightning suppressor? Because an overzealous cop might think it`s a lightning suppressor and arrest me. I`m young and I really don`t want to spend the next half of my life in jail because bullies in New Jersey think a muzzle brake is a lightning suppressor. Has anyone ever bought an MPX in New Jersey? The Sig Sauer MCX meets three of New Jersey`s five requirements for an assault weapon, without bayonet mounts or grenade launchers.

New Jersey`s gun laws do not prohibit a modified form of the weapon, but rather prohibit larger magazines where more bullets can be fired before reloading. Both gun rights advocates and gun control advocates say some aspects of New Jersey`s laws would have made things harder for Mateen, but more is allowed here than many realize.