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The title track of Shaquille O` Neil`s third studio album «You Can`t Stop the Reign». One of the album`s two singles, the other single is «Strait Playin». 1. What is the inspiration for writing? The song «Jamaica Mi Come From» was written by me Paul Smith aka October Reign. The inspiration for this song is based on the Jamaican folk song «Call and Return». So I wanted to have something that I could excite the crowd with. But when the idea came to me, it was best implemented by a concept, the essence of what Jamaica is. The essence of what Jamaicans are. Sometimes we move away from today. We kind of keep the old energies that we had before. Your grandmother had that.

It`s a bit very folk. 2. What`s next for October Reign? I just finished working on my mixtape Soapbox Empire, which is now available on Sound Cloud. You can also find it on my October Reign page. Scroll down to see the link everywhere. If you go to my Paul Smith page, you will also see a link to Sound Cloud. It is a free download. You can pick it up whenever you want. In October, I will release my first album.

In 2000, October Reign formed his first band, Dem Man Deh. He wrote «She`s Mine», a song that received much praise and reached the top ten most popular songs in Jamaica that year. He wrote «A Ras She Want», which can be heard on Luciano`s album «Serious Times». Follow October Reign on Facebook, Instagram and Sound Cloud to hear more of his music. No, that song was actually too sleepy. Only reached #54 on the Billboard hip-hop charts Paul `October Reign` Smith is a product of rural Jamaica with a global perspective on life and music. A born artist, he visualized himself in front of the crowd in his Superman briefs dancing at a young age. His career spanned twenty years, from playing piano for the first time at the age of eight, to forming his first band as a teenager, to touring with reggae heavyweights Buju Banton, Mystic Revealers, Taurrus Riley and Luciano. For the past fifteen years, he has played keyboards, written and written backing vocals for the famous international reggae band Rootz Underground. His colleagues confirm that October Reign`s first solo album, Soapbox Empire, is long overdue. «October Reign is a very talented musician.

He should have done it a long time ago,» says veteran saxophonist Dean Fraser. The twelve-track album takes listeners on a versatile musical journey. From mendo-tinged «Jamaica Mi Come From» to jazzy ode to marijuana`s «Weedom» and coppery «Legal,» the album shows October Reign`s wide range as a musician, singer, songwriter and producer. Soapbox Empire allows October Reign to enter the spotlight and take charge of his music career. Dean Fraser can be heard on some tracks on this album. The video for «Jamaica Mi Come From» has already been praised for its authenticity and global flair. The song received a high turnover on local radio stations. To learn more, check out our transcription guide or visit our transcription forum On the official «You Can`t Stop The Reign» CD, this song is actually called «Still Can`t Stop The Reign».