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It`s not life in danger like carrying a knife or gun, knife crime in this country is now so high that I can`t think of myself for life, why pepper spray of any kind is illegal for self-defense, My son was robbed on the knife wire and beaten, Carrying a can of pepper spray would make him and us back, Since parents feel safer from criminals, I think it won`t kill them, but it could prevent an attack of any kind. > tenants enjoy strong protection when renting in the Netherlands. It is illegal for a landlord to kick a tenant out simply because they can`t get along; In such cases, only the court can terminate a lease. Yes, pepper spray and other self-defense items should be legal and available for the 5 pants who feel the need to own them as they feel the need to protect themselves, and pepper spray is a fairly harmless way to support your safety, as opposed to carrying a knife or similar weapons that could kill. I`d much rather dust off someone who offends me because I know I can walk or run away without becoming physical. Wouldn`t that be the ideal result of an attack, regardless of the weather or not, whether you are made or female? Pepper spray must be allowed in the UK. It is the criminal problem that causes problems for whom it should be used. The European Union does not regulate pepper spray, so Member States are free to regulate it themselves. Pepper sprays containing harmful substances are prohibited in the following cases: >It is illegal for more than three people to share a house. This is an attempt to stop home sharing, which is also illegal. Why not Estban? This is obviously not considered a safe area, and it would be a warning to others.

Prevent them from carrying pepper spray or other weapons if they know crime is endemic in that area. It is illegal to carry weapons such as pepper spray or knives in the Netherlands. This is often a problem with German girls who are used to wearing pepper spray because it`s not illegal there. In the Netherlands, however, instead of protecting yourself, you are actually committing a crime. If you`re worried about your personal safety late at night, ask a friend to take you home or take a taxi. Yes, pepper spray should be legal for self-defence in the UK. However, if you use it to ambush an old lady, you would expect to be accused as if you had threatened her with a knife. The police cannot protect everyone from assault, so every law-abiding British citizen has the right and duty to protect themselves and their loved ones.

If an abuser is willing to harm another person during a crime, it would be reasonable to expect that they deserve some form of retaliation in return. Hitting a thief with shaving cream or toothpaste won`t be enough, but it would be normal to think that a criminal would think twice about the possibility of ending up with a face full of sledgehammers. In Britain, too, the rights of the aggressor take precedence over all the rights of the victim. But even in countries where pepper spray may be legal with a license, its use against a person in the EU usually constitutes an attack. In Germany, NO license is required for pepper sprays IF a TIERABWHERGERAT label is affixed. Free of transport, too. However, there are so-called «self-defence» castrations that are legal in the UK. Often referred to as «criminal identifier» sprays, they do not contain any harmful substances or chemicals and are not intended to harm others. Rather, sprays are meant to mark an attacker with a visible, invisible marker dye. The visible dye often takes at least 7 days to dissolve.

In Hungary, it is FREE to own any type of tear gas/irritating spray. However, it is legal to only carry those with less than 20 grams of payload and NON-pepper. So CS, CN, CR are LEGAL. >According to Dutch law, it is legal to smoke in public places, provided that it does not disturb anyone. Although Dutch laws of 2013 prohibit smoking in playgrounds and schools and cafes must be at least 250m from schools and churches. There is no law against smoking at home unless you are too young. Are there any gadgets that would help women in self-defense that are legal here? Like pepper spray or a key ring? I came across this one and wonder if it`s legal to possess it In the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Poland, Russia, possession is legal for most civilians. In Switzerland, Germany and Portugal, pepper spray is subject to authorisation. However, the licensing process can be extremely strict in some countries. >All recreational drugs in the Netherlands are illegal under Dutch law – even cannabis. However, cannabis and some types of recreational mushrooms belong to a separate class that, although technically still illegal, soft drugs are tolerated in small quantities in the Netherlands. The strongest types of magic mushrooms, for example, are illegal.

However, authorities say they would not punish anyone found with recreational portions. Hashish is also a grey area, usually left to local communities to decide to turn a blind eye. >It is illegal to enter a café or smoke if you are under 18. Knife crime in British cities is out of control and the police cannot change that. Pepper spray should be allowed in the UK with a license and conditions allowing for strict control. I wish I had the opportunity to protect my family in my home if we were attacked. Is this different from using a kitchen knife for self-defense on my property? Absolutely ridiculous that a woman cannot use a defensive weapon, I am the Netherlands. Stun guns or pepper spray would be legal for their safety!! Self-defense classes are a joke when an attacker who is 6+ feet comes after them. Women should have some sort of weapon to defend themselves against a predator like pepper spray should definitely be legal in the UK with all these knife attacks In France, the trade is royalty-free and possession is legal for people over 18, but carrying it can be punished with a fine depending on the amount and concentration.

Make sure you have a medication passport. Sometimes you will also need to provide a legalized drug certificate. Lacquer, deodorant spray, which is often found in women`s handbags, is allowed as improvised weapons. Do not warn, just aim for the eyes (unless the target is wearing glasses, which makes the sprays useless). Flashlights, even small ones, are also allowed. But even a rolled-up magazine can be a weapon if you stab someone in the softest parts of the body (not touched!). If you want your fists to be scary, wear a key ring with keys. With keys (even one) between your fingers, you can cause serious damage to your attacker.