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Social media has created an obsession with everyone`s «status» – what are you doing right now? Given that Facebook owns WhatsApp, it stands to reason that it wouldn`t be long before the status feature also finds its way to WhatsApp. So what does the WhatsApp status feature look like and how do you get your breakfast on it? Here you can change your status, profile picture, and activity. You probably don`t want to see what some people post in their WhatsApp status. You can use the mute feature to hide a contact`s status update in the feed. This page also tells you how many views your status update receives, and you can share them with specific contacts. After seeing all the contact`s updates, you will be automatically redirected to the next status update of the next contact who posted. When you`re done with the status, tap Status (Contacts) at the bottom to publish it. You can also check if the contact has synced the status with their Facebook account. You may be able to download it here.

Once the photo is taken, you will see options to customize the status in the top right corner. The first is to reverse the image. You must change your privacy settings in advance so that your last viewed status cannot be displayed. You can also log out in the mobile app and view it, but your contact will be notified as soon as you`re back online. A third option is to use WhatsApp Web and view the offline status update in incognito mode. However, close the window before you reconnect to the Internet. While you can go so far as to completely hide your online status on WhatsApp, fortunately there are simpler options. You can hide your status from specific contacts or share your updates only with specific contacts.

WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to see a person`s status and whether they are online or not. Instead of limiting your videos` status updates to just 10 seconds (like Snapchat), videos you save and share as status can be up to 45 seconds long. WhatsApp introduces a new status feature for all users. Instead of plain text status, which lets people know if you`re busy or available to chat, the new status feature uses photos, text, emojis, and sketches to show off what you`re doing. If this sounds familiar, it might be because it seems to be inspired by Snapchat. First, however, we should explain what a statute is. On WhatsApp, it can be an image or video of what you do, what you think, or something you`ve seen. It`s slightly different from Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories in that the latter two are more feature-rich, including the ability to «like» status/story and leave comments. WhatsApp has a status feature that gives your friends and family an idea of what you`re up to and lets users know if you`re online to view the messages.

With the WhatsApp messaging app, you can instantly communicate with your friends and family around the world, as your contacts can see your status and whether you are online at any time. The best way to add text to a report is to use the labeling feature. Tap the Add Caption text box to enter the text. When you are satisfied with your status, click the Submit button. A progress bar moves from left to right along the top while the report is playing. You will be redirected to the bottom of the WhatsApp status page. Also, keep in mind that if the state is a video, it will play with muted sound by default. To turn on the sound, tap the screen once.

To clear a WhatsApp status, tap it on the status page (but not the tile). On the next page, tap the three horizontal dots on the right and select Delete from the drop-down menu. On iPhone, tap My Status and swipe left on a status to see the Delete button. After that, tap on Delete in the pop-up window. WhatsApp states on its help pages that the maximum duration of a status video is 30 seconds. When you are in the Status section, you will see two icons: a camera icon and a pencil icon. Tap the pencil icon to share a text update. You can start typing a status update directly or insert the selected text. On Android, long press a contact`s status update. Then select Mute. On an iPhone, swipe right on the contact`s name and tap Mute.

Try the same again to turn the sound back on. Tap the right side of the screen to move to the next state. To go to the status of the next contact, swipe left on the screen. I opted for an image-based state, so I pointed it at an image on my desk wall and pressed the camera button. Alternatively, if you want to use an image in your camera roll, it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on the one you want to use. WhatsApp has now made a small change to this feature. Previously, you could disable read receipts and view the status update. Now, if you enable read receipts, the chat app will automatically send read receipts to that contact, even if you don`t open the status update after activation. To see and view someone`s WhatsApp status, go to the WhatsApp mobile app and tap Status at the bottom. If one of your contacts recently performed a status update, it will appear here.

Just tap on it to bring it up. In the desktop and web browser versions of WhatsApp, click on the broken circle logo next to your profile picture in the top left corner to see someone`s status. If you feel like a photo disappears too quickly, you can go back to the status screen and view the update again, or you can press and hold the screen to pause the status. This also causes the user`s name to disappear. If you want to view status updates anonymously, you should not enable read receipts until this status update expires. A status update is visible for 24 hours. Android users can also access the files stored on their SD card to see the status. Open the Status section and tap My Status. This will open the camera view.

If you want to take a picture, press the shutter button. Your WhatsApp profile picture will now be replaced with a circular thumbnail of the status you just created. To view it, tap the tile. This circular tile will also appear on the status page of your WhatsApp contacts so that they can see it too. You can only post videos up to 30 seconds in length to a WhatsApp status. If you select a longer video, you`ll be prompted to trim it before publishing. You can set the privacy of your status so that only certain people can see your status. You can change this in the Settings tab of the app. To prevent certain contacts from seeing your status, tap My Contacts except.

and select the contacts. To share your status with just a few friends, tap Share only with. and add the selected contacts. On the status page, you can now see if anyone has left a status. This will appear under RECENT BETS. Just tap the circle to start the status. Here, you will automatically see a list of status updates available to your contacts under the Recent Updates heading. Tap a contact`s name to read their WhatsApp status update. To create your status, tap Status at the bottom of the screen. You will now see your WhatsApp profile picture at the top with the message Add to my status. Tap the camera icon on the right to view the status of an image or video. Or the pencil icon for text only.

You can also tap More in the top-right corner to pause the state. Thus, you will have enough time to take a screenshot on an iPhone or Android device. WhatsApp status is a feature that allows you to post status updates that disappear after 24 hours after downloading. You can share photos, videos, text, links, and GIFs. Knowing how to use Instagram Stories will make you feel right at home. You`ll quickly learn how to check a friend`s WhatsApp status and update yours. The photo or video will play automatically. If it`s a photo, it stays on the screen for a few seconds before the app shows the next status of the same contact (if they`ve released more than one update). At the bottom of the screen is a view counter that tells you how many people have viewed or viewed your status. You can swipe up on the screen to see a list of contact names that have displayed your status. Tap the pencil icon to scribble the image in any color. In the Emoji tab, you can add an emoji or sticker to the status.

The Text option allows you to enter floating text on the photo or video. You can set your status to Online, Away, Offline, or a host of other options so people know what you`re doing and if you`re available to chat. If you don`t like what you`ve posted, you can delete it. On Android, go to the Status section, tap More next to My Status, select the same button next to the status you want to delete, and then select Delete. Tap Delete again to confirm. WhatsApp has heard that you like Snapchat, so it has inserted some Snapchat into your WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there doesn`t seem to be a way to save a status on your phone. Everything you capture and create in WhatsApp is limited to WhatsApp.