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One Piece 1053 was a monumental chapter. It was the culmination of an epic war involving some of the biggest names in the One Piece world. The war involved two of the Yonko, members of the worst generation, and various other strong characters. With the end of the war, Luffy and the rest of the Alliance can finally sit down for a while and bask in glory. Upon finding the other half of the straw hat pirates on Zou, the Alliance learned that the Kozuki family samurai were also fighting Kaidou, who currently occupies Wano country with the local shogun. They asked to form an additional branch of the Heart Straw Hat Alliance to defeat the Emperor, and Luffy agreed and formed an alliance between the pirates, the Kozuki family, and the mink tribe. Luffy called this group the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Two of the four emperors, Kaidou of the Beast Pirates and Charlotte Linlin of the Big Mom Pirates, formed an alliance between their crews after their duel over Onigahma.[41] The two captains agreed that they would be enemies again and that they would try to kill each other again after conquering the world. [31] This alliance was proposed by Big Mom. [32] For the New Onigashima project, Kaidou and Big Mom revealed their plan to search for the old weapons and the One Piece. Kaidou also betrayed his former ally, the Kurozumi family, by beheading Orochi while annexing their territory for his project. Kaidou also offered Orochi`s subordinates to join his crew or die.

[33] During the Pirate-Mink-Samurai Ninja Alliance`s raid on Onigahma, Kaidou and Big Mom were defeated by three captains of the worst generation: Luffy, Law, and Kid. The episode begins with Law Luffy and Nami explaining his proposed alliance. Law reveals that he has found a way to overthrow one of the four emperors, but Nami disagrees with the idea of forming an alliance and tries to convince Luffy not to accept. However, Luffy asks Law which emperor he is talking about, and after hearing his answer, he accepts his proposal, leaving Nami shocked. Law and Kid fought Big Mom, and as expected, she gave them a hot moment. The two supernovae had to use the awakening of the devil`s fruit to harm him. Law`s awakening of the devil`s fruit was the main reason for Big Mom`s defeat. Her devil fruit is very overwhelmed and once again she has come to the fight against Big Mom. With his alarm clock, he prevented Big Mom`s voice from reaching his homies, and eventually he knocked her to the ground with his Puncture Will attack. Kin`emon and Momonosuke joined the group, hoping to save Kanjuro.

On Dressrosa, Law breaks the alliance with Doflamingo,[36] but after being captured, Luffy forces him back, explaining that it was his choice and not Law`s, much to Law`s chagrin, but reluctantly. [37] Suddenly, Kaidou lands on their base and the three come face to face with him. [13] Apoo was already working for Kaidou and betrayed the others, and Hawkins decided to join him because it was his only chance to stay alive. [14] [15] [16] Kid, on the other hand, was severely beaten and imprisoned by the emperor. [17] Killer fell victim to a failed SMILE fruit and went under the pseudonym Kamazo to the shogun`s personal assassin until he failed in his mission to kill Toko and was held captive by the beast`s pirates. Due to their betrayal, Kid declares that the alliance between the three pirate crews has ended.[18] [19] Emporio Ivankov is commander of the Revolutionary Army. He is very close to Luffy`s father and helped the captain of the Straw Hat a lot. He ate the Horu Horu no Mi, which allows him to create special hormones that he can inject into others.

The Akazaya Nine are nine legendary samurai from the land of Wano who are famous as disciples of Kozuki Oden. In One Piece`s Wano Country arc, they want to capture Orochi and Kaido`s heads with the help of the straw hat pirates. The Buggy and Alvida Pirate Alliance[7] is an alliance formed by the pirate gangs Buggy Pirates and Alvida Pirates (although only their captain remains) and led by the leaders of the groups, Captains Buggy and Alvida. They have regrouped to create a common enemy, Monkey D. Luffy and remain allies even after this failure to find Captain John`s lost treasure. Since Buggy became a warlord of the sea during the time jump, he is forbidden to form an alliance with Alvida on an equal footing, although no action or knowledge is seen against either crew. It is possible that the alliance now known as Buggy`s Delivery evolved into a fully integrated group. Since Law is a Shichibukai, he has been forbidden to ally himself with pirates who are not allied with the government, and as such, his title is revoked. [5] [38] Although they have not yet achieved their promised goal of defeating Kaidou, the Law of the Alliance`s quest to defeat Doflamingo succeeds.

[39] The results of their victory over doflamingo have been reported globally. [40] This alliance is remarkable because the two captains of this alliance Monkey D. Luffy & Trafalgar D. Water Law are both carriers of D. A common problem with pirate alliances is betrayal; When one captain no longer sees any benefit for the other, it leads to betrayal in order to reduce the need for fame. [3] Since their common purpose is the only thing that unites them, they usually have little or no respect for Allied crew members, causing one to insult the other behind their backs or even attack them for perceived threats. [4] However, if allied groups have enough respect for each other, these problems can be avoided and their alliance could either become permanent or split on good terms when their goal is achieved. Luffy quickly agrees, as does Kid before leaving port. The group`s actions in Wano have made these pirate crews more famous than ever, and that`s doubly true for the captains. Law, Kid and Luffy brought down two emperors, although the couple survived the fight. Now the trio must prove that they are just as impressive without their Wano allies. And considering what fans know about the gang, we`d say their reputation is pretty safe.

Law then reveals that the children are drugged, but Chopper replies that he already knows this and expresses his desire to send the children home so they can recover. Law further reveals that turning humans into giants was a project of world government, presumably for military purposes, and that Caesar first wanted to achieve this to surpass both Vegapunk and world government. Law then asks if Nami really wants to help the children, and she replies that she does so when she thinks with tears in her eyes of the children who have asked her for help, and firmly says that she will not leave the island unless she is sure the children are safe. Law asks her if she is willing to stay alone on the island, as he has no intention of helping the children, but Luffy says that he will not leave his friends behind and that Chopper and Nami`s wish is also his. Luffy also informs Law that Sanji wanted to help the samurai and that if he wanted to unite, he had to help them. Usopp sighs and explains to Law that Ruffy`s idea of an alliance is different from Law`s. Law decides to compromise and divides Luffy to take care of the samurai while he researches the drug, and asks the straw hat pirate`s doctor to accompany him. Chopper is then strangely attached to Law`s hat because he is too injured to move, which makes everyone laugh on the scene and embarrasses Law. The success of their alliance is due to the efforts of several characters, and three characters in particular stand out the most. They are: Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid.