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This weapon makes Dark Souls even easier, so many enemies capable of toppling It`s not even funny, how much power and skill do you need to return both hands to one hand? It is just as much a cancer as the black pearl or the gold tracer or the falchion. Any scrub that depends on it has no right to whine and complain about other forms of cancer. But just to be honest, most versions have some sort of gadget they rely on to succeed, it`s just that some require more IQ than others to work competently. I can`t complain about this choice of weapon, it helped me master the rocking escape technique. The two-hand is submerged in pve you just pancakes. but I can`t stop using this beauty <3 I play DS1 from time to time, I have tried many different constructions, but there is one «practical» construction that I always come back to: start as a bandit with the master key > take the Zveihander (use the tutorial XP for STR and DEX level, so I can use them before leaving the sanctuary) > get the Favor Ring > the Havel Ring > go to the Garden of Dark Roots to get the knight`s armor > the coat of arms. All this can be done in an hour or two, later I replace the knight`s armor with Havel`s armor and become quite invincible at this point. It starts VERY early, it`s OP, and it`s the build that best represents the first game in the series with broken posture, slow movement, and absurd force damage. Aside from GiantDad`s memes aside, let`s admit it`s a great weapon, its simple but reliable moveset simply crushes bosses and its damage on Any upgrade path is exceptional, plus its low status requirements on 2hand make it a great option for any quality/construction STR ZWEIS FOREVER Is it worth turning my two-handed +10 into Artorias` great sword? The double-hander way should have been a real alliance Now, I`m not a big fan of this game like the others. But I think I just found a way to get bonus souls with both. Dang I wish I could post a video of it. This is my very first playtrough, I came to the Gargoyle boss fight.

The Claymore is 33 dmg +0, the Straighr sword 19 +0 and the two hands 75 +0. Moveset is boring, but it`s easy to use hello people of dark souls, does anyone want to evaluate this build? Giant Armor 3/4 with Eberhelm (completely upgraded) with +15 two, +5 Ascended Flames, all Chaos Pyros + Great Burning and Fireball. I call him. the giant boar of Chaos! If you like it and stay safe, and as always praise the sun! I have 20 forces right now, but I still don`t let myself be swinging with both hands, I remember using both. It was a very good weapon, even if I had to do it with both hands because I didn`t meet the power requirements. Can people say the requirements to use this weapon or just go to the page Is this a site that talks about the pair of hands? Surpassed by Murakumo? He is a stupid god. All the memes aside, it`s a very powerful melee weapon, especially considering how easy it is to get and how low the status requirements are. You only need 16 forces if you`re two-handed, which you can accomplish before venturing out of the Firelink sanctuary for the first time. It`s an immensely powerful weapon at the beginning of the gameplay and still great later, although other colossal weapons have a better high-strength scale. Use Darkmoonblade and Power Within with high strength, it will kill everything that is framp tryna deceive me, 50 souls? For this weapon? I think it`s time to celebrate with Kaathe, come here, Doggy Sif, it`s time to get the ring early Necessary: Standard two-handed, Titanite and 800 souls per upgrade. Cool swords in dark souls my sword upgrade is in +3 I use the black night sword and is in +4 One of the gigantic straight swords.

As the name suggests, the bihand is held with both hands, but its wearer must always be inhumanly strong. «It`s this great weight that makes enemies fly when they`re hit hard.» The two-handed can be a very powerful weapon at the beginning of the game due to its proximity to the starting area and the relatively low stat requirement of 16 to use the two-handed weapon. Even without upgrades, his basic damage and amazing abilities for the Undead Castle region are impressive. Elemental weapons are incredibly powerful in Dark Souls. They offer a very high attack rate (AR) with minimal stats, which makes them very useful for PvE and PvP. One of the most popular options for an elemental weapon is the double-hander. Here`s why two-handed is such a powerful weapon: «an acceptable early weapon,» as if that wouldn`t make the whole game easy lol. This weapon has a few features. As soon as you use the strong one- or two-handed attack, it will interrupt the enemy`s attack or bring him to the ground. Firelink sanctuary found with both hands – statistics on corpses 130 – – – 100 70.0 10.0 50.0 50.0 44 param.

Bonus C D – – Req. Param 24 10 – – Weight 10.0 Durability 200 Ultra Greatsword Weapon Type Attack Type Regular this weapon + red tear ring + golden pine resin = 2 bells that ring in less than 5 hours Why is it called a «normal» attack, you`d think a rolling attack would be a stronger R2 attack, but you end up with a confidence, why? You can tell that the «Tips and Tricks» segment was written by someone who was destroyed by a giant father Build lmao Like most weapons with great balance-breaking abilities, missing an enemy with the strong attack can still cause a lag. The aerial swing also has the advantage of a high vertical range. This makes it a very good weapon for cutting dragon tails: most other ultra swords require a cannon attack to swing upwards, and large hammers don`t reach as high. The aerial swing also allows the player to dodge certain attacks that reach horizontally. The two-handed can be a very powerful weapon at the beginning of the game due to its proximity to the starting area and the relatively low stat requirement of 16 to use the two-handed weapon. Even without upgrades, his basic damage and amazing abilities for the Undead Castle region are impressive. Why are two low levels for PvP when all the things the author complains about are a much bigger problem in murakumo that they offer as an alternative? Another option is to put extra points in Endurance. For this, the only valid option would be to invest enough to equip Havel`s armor/wrists/leggings. To do this with the recommended configuration, you need an equipment load of 113.4, which would require 55 staminas and give you a balance of 103. These points would come from vitality. The difference between 96 Vitality and 85 Vitality is ~113 hp, which is not much and worth the extra balance in some circumstances.

This could be useful if you find yourself in many 1v2 situations, such as if you are constantly doing PvP in the forest or in the Dark Anor Londo areas. Extra balance can allow you to take an extra hit or two if your opponents use low-balance weapons (basically all not-so-great weapons). Rings: Ring of Favor & Protection (also known as Ring of FaP, RoFaP, FaP Ring, etc.) and Dark Wood Grain Ring (DWGR) are almost mandatory here. At maximum endurance (40+ stamina), you can swing the 4 with both hands instead of 3 times with the FaP ring endurance boost before running out of stamina. The dark wood grain ring, as well as the increased equipment load of the FaP ring, allows you to go up to 50% equipment load while reaching 76 Poise while moving as fast as possible with the Flip. Spells: Since you maximize your health with 96 Vit + MotM + RoFaP, Power Within is a possible choice, it will increase your attack and defense for 100 seconds.